All presentations must meet one of the following designations:
Distribution A, CUI, or CUI//Controlled Technical Information (CTI) WITH a designation of Distribution C or D.

Agenda is subject to change. All times are Eastern.

Plenary Sessions - Auditorium
Time (ET) Activity
07:30 Check In
08:00 Welcome to HPCMP UGM
Mr. Matt Goss - Director, ARL DSRC
08:15 Welcome
Dr. Jerry Ballard - Director, HPCMP
08:45 Data Panel:
Mr. Michael An - Data Scientist, ARL/Parsons
Mr. Vincent Perry - Computer Scientist, ARL
Dr. Andrew Wissink - CREATE AV Project Manager, DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center
Dr. John Wohlbier - Advanced Computing Lab Lead, Carnegie Mellon
Dr. Sean Ziegeler - Computational Scientist Lead, GDIT/HPCMP PET
10:00 Break
10:30 DREN
Mr. Ralph McEldowney - AD for Networks, HPCMP
11:00 Overview of the Terminal Ballistics Frontier Project
Dr. Robert Doney - Physical Scientist, Army
11:30 DAAC
Dr. Joe Hennessey - Data Analysis and Assessment Center (DAAC)
12:00 Lunch (Room 24)
13:30 Technical Track Sessions
14:50 Break
15:00 Technical Track Sessions
17:00 End of the day
Technical Track Sessions
Time (ET) Track 1: Auditorium Track 2: Room 11
(overflow in Rooom 12)
Track 3: Room 13
(overflow in Room 14)

Computational Chemistry & Materials (CCM)
Test & Evaluation (T&E)
Climate / Weather / Ocean Modeling (CWO)
13:30 Andrew Bowman
Understanding Nanoscale Energy Dissipation in Polymers during Ballistic Impacts
Kevin Brosius
Challenges of a Paper-to-Digital Evolution toward Model-Based Cybersecurity T&E
Harley Klein
Asynchronous I/O Support in the Coupled ESPC System
13:50 In-Chul Yeh
Molecular dynamics simulation study of interactions of ammonium perchlorate with polymer binder
Vincent Perry
Data Science Toolset Application for Test and Evaluation Simulations
Paul Eller
Using HPCToolkit to Analyze the Performance of an Ocean Model on an Arm-based HPC System
14:10 James Lill
Atomistic Simulation of Reversible Martensitic Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys
Bob Donnelly
Deploying Multiple Containers for Test Scenarios
William Cheng
Report on the Updated Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Ensemble-Four-Dimensional Weather (E-4DWX) System
14:30 Andrew Bowman
Finite Element Modeling of a Hyperelastic Block Copolymer Subjected to Ballistic Impact
Jane Burward-Hoy
Yu Yu Khine
Performance Study of Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) using HPCToolkit on ARM System at NRL-DC
14:50 Break Break Break

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Computational Electromagnetics and Acoustics (CEA)
15:00 Craig Smith
An End-to-End-Model (ETEM) Parameter Sweep of Aero-Optic and Atmospheric Propagation
Adam Moses
Machine Learning Integration through Static Code Generation
Alisha Sharma
Differentiable Acoustics: Applications and Workloads
15:20 Christopher Stone
Computational performance and algorithm enhancements for modeling hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) combustion with detailed finite-rate chemical kinetics in an opposed-flow burner
Andrew Wissink
Overview of the HPCMP CREATE Applied Surrogates Institute (CASI)
Terry McClurg
Investigation of the Solution of Large-Scale Structural Acoustics Finite Element Models by Abaqus on HPCMP Systems
15:40 Charles Tseng
Numerical Studies of Rarefied Drag Coefficients of Reentry Vehicles
Oliver Posewitz
Advanced Search and Discovery
Daniel Dault
CREATE-RF Government Developed RF Modeling Tools
16:00 Fumiya Togashi
Agent Defeat Modeling and Simulation Baseline (ADMB); Numerical Modeling of Blast Wave Interaction with Spatially Disseminated Chemical Simulant
Jennifer Abras
Adaptive Training Investigation to Support Machine Learning Based Surrogate Modeling for Aircraft Loads Predictions
Nathan Smith
Rapid Development of a Graphical User Interface for Computational Physics using Agile Design Principles
16:20 Joseph Baum
Blast Wave Propagation Through Debris Cloud
John Wohlbier
Adversarial Machine Learning, Fully Homomorphic Encryption, and Physics Inspired Neural Networks at Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute
No Presentation
No Presentation
16:40 No Presentation
No Presentation
Mathew Boyer
Fine-tuning a 20 Billion Parameter Large-Language Model with Military Manuals on SCOUT
No Presentation
No Presentation
17:00 End End End
Plenary Sessions - Auditorium
Time (ET) Activity
07:30 Check In
08:00 Welcome - Day 2
Mr. Matt Goss - Director, ARL DSRC
08:15 Keynote Address
Ms. Cindy Bedell - Director, Army Research Directorate
08:45 Centers Leadership Panel:
Dr. Ben Parsons - Chief Technology Officer, HPCMP
DSRC Directors
09:45 Break
Mr. Ronnie Hedgepeth - AD for PET
11:00 Integrated Simulations of Unsteady Aerothermodynamics in Gas Turbine Engines
Dr. Luis Bravo - Aerospace Engineer, Army Research Directorate
11:30 Performance evaluation of GPU-accelerated Large Eddy Simulation using CharLES
Dr. Russell Powers - Propulsion Flow Modeling S&T Lead, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
12:00 Lunch (Room 24)
13:30 Technical Track Sessions
14:50 Break
15:00 Ribbon Cutting + Refreshments for ARL DSRC HPCs
Technical Track Sessions
Time (ET) Track 1: Room 22
(overflow in Room 23)
Track 2: Room 11
(overflow in Rooom 12)
Track 3: Room 13
(overflow in Room 14)

Incorporation of GPUs / Accelerators into Physics-based Codes (GPUs)

Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM)

Big Data / Visualization
13:30 Andrew Corrigan
Extension of the Create-FT Capstone API for GPU Device Execution of Geometry Query
William Lawrimore
Impact Simulations of Conventional Strength Concrete Using Semi-Realistic Concrete Morphologies
Cory Quammen
An Efficient I/O Framework for In Situ Data Extracts
13:50 Eric Dunn
Xpatch® with CREATE-RF (SENTRi) for Data Production
Joshua Crone
pyVUMAT: Enabling rapid integration of machine learning models in computational mechanics
David Hall
HPCMP Aircraft Power Thermal Modeling / Monte Carlo Simulation to Support Capability Growth
14:10 William Tyson
HPCMP CREATE-AV XCFD: Progress Toward Developing A Massively Parallel, Performance-Portable Flow Solver
Tyson Loudon
A Panoply of Finite Elements for Nearly Incompressible Thermoelasticity and Poroelasticity
Jacob Ross
Operating Condition Sampling for ATR Training with Synthetic Data
14:30 No Presentation
No Presentation
Zachary Wilson
Computational Framework for Simultaneous System and Materials Optimization for Impact Protection
Margaret Hurley
Next Generation Sequencing Analysis for the Big Toys: A Tour of the Bioinformatics HPC Zoo
14:50 End End End
Plenary Sessions - Auditorium
Time (ET) Activity
07:30 Check In
08:00 Welcome to Final Day / Thank you
Mr. Matt Goss - Director, ARL DSRC
08:15 Workforce Development
Dr. Leslie Leonard - AD for Workforce Development, HPCMP
08:30 AI and ML applications
Dr. Lacey Duckworth - Project Lead for AI/ML Ecosystem, HPCMP
08:45 HPC-Enabled Modeling and Simulation Initiative
Dr. Niki Goerger - Special Assistant to the ERDC Information Technology Laboratory Director
09:00 CREATE
Dr. Dave McDaniel - AD for CREATE HPCMP
9:15 Hero Awards
Dr. Kevin Newmeyer - Deputy Director, HPCMP
09:25 Break
09:40 Technical Track Sessions
12:00 End of Conference
Technical Track Sessions
Time (ET) Track 1: Auditorium Track 2: Room 11
(overflow in Rooom 12)
Track 3: Room 13
(overflow in Room 14)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML)

09:40 Luis Bravo
Quantifying the dynamic spreading of a molten sand droplet using multiphase mesoscopic simulations at gas turbine engine relevant conditions
Nathan Hariharan
CREATE and AI/ML Advances
Sean Ziegeler
Evaluation and Use of the DOE Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S)
10:00 Josephine Wilson
Numerical Simulations and Analysis of OPD for a Supersonic Flow over Cone and Wedge Geometries
Paul Schrader
Topological Multimodal Sensor Data Analytics for Target Recognition and Information Exploitation in Contested Environments
Lloyd Slonaker /
Brandon Whalen

DoD "Above Secret" Supercomputing Resources - Current and Future Capabilities
10:20 Josephine Wilson
Numerical Simulations and Analysis of OPD for Oblique Weak Shockwaves on Supersonic Wedges
Robert Lim
Markov Decision Processes for Agent-to-Task Assignment
Kevin Schoen
Above Secret HPC Portal Computing
10:40 Matthew Jemison
Improvements to the Free-Surface Solver in CREATE(tm)-AV Kestrel for Ship Flows
Nick Paternostro
Integration of CFD-Trained Neural Networks into Helios-ROAM
Mark Barnell
Agile Condor, high-performance embedded computing (HPEC)
11:00 Minyee Jiang
Computational Simulation for the Next Generation Amphibious Technology Project
Noah Meisner
Belay: A CI/CD Framework for Scientific and Engineering Numerical Simulations
Keith Harrison
Analytical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Flow around a Laser Pod
11:20 Matthew Harvazinski
Using HPC to simulate and design rotating detonation rocket engines
Alexander Lawrence
Spaceflight Induced Stress Caused Alterations in Fecal Microbial Kingdoms Including Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Protozoa and Archaea
Scott Aloisio
Memory Instrumentation and Performance Simulation (MIPS)
11:40 No Presentation
No Presentation
No Presentation
No Presentation
Ananta Tiwari
PerfPal: Democratizing Steps Towards Better Performance in HPC
12:00 End End End