CREATE-RF Government Developed RF Modeling Tools

Dault, Daniel (Air Force Research Laboratory)

Pray, Andrew
Crawford, Zane
Griffiths, Lance

Electromagnetic and Acoustics Applications

CREATE-RF codes are government-developed high fidelity electromagnetic modeling tools tailored to radio frequency (RF) analysis of radiators and sensors installed on large structures. CREATE-RF codes use a variety of standalone and hybrid modeling methods to address applications across a continuum from small complex composite microwave devices to electrically large platforms. The codes are suited to run on hardware from individual workstations up to HPCMP supercomputers. While the tools are primarily aimed at full wave high fidelity RF modeling, they also offer hybridization with a low-fidelity asymptotics code to analyze antenna performance in the presence of very large structures beyond the capability of conventional full wave methods. The primary CREATE-RF code offers both a conventional graphical user interface and a Python interface. The Python interface allows execution to be fully scripted, enabling easy incorporation into other tools and workflows. This talk, which will be Distribution C, will provide an overview of CREATE-RF code capabilities, workflows, and applications.