Multistatic Radar Signature Computation with Xpatch® GPU

Dunn, Eric (Leidos)

Baker, Aaron
Lewis, Kevin

Incorporation of GPUs/Accelerators into Physics-based Codes

The Xpatch® toolkit uses a shooting-and-bouncing ray (SBR) algorithm which makes it an attractive option for fast and accurate computation of radar signatures. Despite its speed, multi-static scenarios are still a challenge to compute and often require assets like DoD HPCMP systems due to their large data set sizes. Recent versions of Xpatch now include an option to engage a graphical processing unit (GPU) to further reduce runtime.

In this talk we review the history of Xpatch GPU software development and give an example applying it to a multi-static scenario. To take full advantage of multiple GPUs and CPUs, we will present a Python script (based on Dask) suitable for execution on either the HPCMP large scale systems or your own individual workstation.