Department of the Air Force AI Accelerator Challenge Problems

Gadepally, Vijay (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

Vijay Gadepally
Andrew Bowne
Lindsey McEvoy
Siddharth Samsi
Jeremy Kepner

Intersection of Digital Engineering and High Performance Computing/High End Computing

Through a series of federal initiatives and orders, the U.S. Government has been making a concerted effort to ensure American leadership in AI. These broad strategy documents have influenced organizations such as the United States Department of the Air Force (DAF) to develop organizational AI strategies. The DAF-MIT AI Accelerator is an initiative between the DAF and MIT to bridge the gap between AI researchers and DAF mission requirements. Several projects supported by the DAF-MIT AI Accelerator are developing public challenge problems that address numerous Federal AI research priorities. These challenges target priorities by making large, AI-ready datasets publicly available, incentivizing open-source solutions, and creating a demand signal for dual use technologies that can stimulate further research. In this presentation, we describe these public challenges being developed and how their application contributes to scientific advances. We will further outline how HPCMP users can get access to this diverse set of data and describe lessons learned by the DAF-MIT AI Accelerator in developing a series of AI Challenges.