CFD Study of a Counter-Rotating Propeller eVTOL Concept

Lewis, James (DoD USAF AFRL RQVC)

Lofthouse, Andrew
Bagai, Ashish


The following study is a cooperation of AFWERX Agility Prime, MOOG Aircraft Group, and the United States Air Force Lifecycle Management Center with respect to the prototype electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the SureFly S250. The objective of the investigation is to analyze the performance characteristics of the single rotor, as well as the contra rotating rotor system. High fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was leveraged to analyze induced velocities in hover, integrated loads, vortex ring state (VRS), and the rotors in ground effect (IGE). The CFD results were compared to test stand data when available, as well as empirical data. This cooperative study is ongoing.