Scaling of CREATE-RF Tools for HPC Systems

Pray, Andrew (AFRL)

Other: Modeling and Simulation

CREATE-RF tools are government owned software, aimed at the simulation of radio frequency (RF) devices installed on large structures. These tools must be very high fidelity, which increases both memory and runtime requirements. The application space of CREATE-RF users includes problems that are ever increasing in size. For relevant applications, simulation on a single workstation is generally infeasible. It is therefore necessary to develop the software to be scalable on HPC systems. The CREATE-RF team has been focusing on memory and runtime performance of the tools in order to scale to relevant size HPC systems. This talk, which will be Distribution C, will focus on recent efforts of the CREATE-RF team to successfully scale CREATE-RF tools. The talk will include discussions of the testing that has been performed, the challenges in scaling these types of algorithms, the in-house tools developed to help identify performance bottlenecks, and some discussion of hardware considerations.